Bakery Drivers Local 734 | Welfare Fund
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Welfare Fund

Welfare Fund Notices

Annual Notices

Announcement date: October 2022

The following Annual Notices document is now available as of October 2022



No Surprises Act Notice

Announcement date: October 2022

The following notice is now available as of October 2022



Coverage for Cologuard Testing

Announcement date: December 2018

The following notice covers the Coverage for Cologuard Testing as of December 2018



Summary of Eligibility Benefits Notice

The following notices are for Active Member and Retiree Comprehensive plans:


Active Member Plan

Retiree Comprehensive Plan

Specialty Pharmaceuticals Notice

Announcement date: April 2017

The following notice covers the Specialty Pharmaceutical Program as of June 1, 2017



Preventive Care Benefits

Announcement date: May 2016

The following notice covers the Preventive Care Benefits as of May 1, 2016



Summary Plan Description

This section of the site is intended to give you an accurate summary of the benefits and provisions of the Local 734 Welfare Fund. The Plan Document, the Trust Agreement and insurance policies, which you can read at the Fund office, contain a detailed description of the rules, regulations, benefits and provisions of these Plans.


Please see the following updates to our Summary Plan Description, as of June 2015.

For questions, please contact the fund office.


If any discrepancy exists between this site and the Plan documents, the provisions of the Plan documents will govern.


The Plan is administered by the Trustees. Only the Trustees, and the Fund Administrator subject to review by the Trustees, have the right to interpret the Plan and regulations. The decision of the Trustees, or the Fund Administrator if not appealed on a timely basis, will be final and binding on all persons dealing with the Plan or the Fund.


The Trustees have the authority to amend the eligibility rules and to increase, reduce, change or eliminate benefits or terminate the Plan at any time. All benefits of the Plan are conditional and subject to the Trustee’s authority to change or terminate them at any time.