Bakery Drivers Local 734 - Health and Welfare Fund | Weekly Disability Benefit
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Weekly Disability Benefit

For Active Employees Only

Weekly benefits are payble if you become totally disabled while you are an active employee who is eligible for Plan benefits. Weekly Disability Benefits are not provided for retirees, dependents, or employees covered under COBRA coverage.

Definition of “Total Disability”
For the purpose of these benefits “totally disabled” means that you are completely and continuously prevented from performing any and every duty of your occupation or employment, as certified by a doctor other than a chiropractor. You will only be considered totally disabled if and while you are under the care of a doctor. A disability which is due to maternity or pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions is considered a disability due to a sickness.

Amount of Benefits
The amount of your weekly benefit is shown on the Schedule of Benefits. If you are disabled for a part of a week, you will receive one-seventh of the weekly benefit for each day of disability.

When Benefits Start
Benefits will begin on the eighth day of disability for injuries, sicknesses and pregnancy, counting from the day you first receive treatment for the disability.

Duration of Benefits
Weekly benefits are payable for up to 26 continuous weeks, but not for more than 26 weeks for any one period of disability. Successive periods of disability separate by less than two weeks of active continuous full-time employment are considered one period of disability unless the second disability is due to an injury or sickness entirely unrelated to the causes of the first disability and begins after you return to work for a participating employer on a full-time basis for one full day.

When Benefits Are Paid
The Fund Office issues Weekly Disability Benefit checks on the 12th and 24th day of each month. If the 12th or 24th day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, the checks will be issued the next following business day.

Weekly Disability Benefit Exclusions And Limitations
No payment will be made under this benefit for:

  1. Any disability resulting from sickness or accidental injury for which you are not under the direct care of a doctor (other than a chiropractor).
  2. Any disability resulting from accidental injury or sickness for which you are entitled to benefits under any Workers’ Compensation Law, Occupational Diseases Law or similar law, or which arises out of or in the course of any employment for compensation, wages or profit.

    You must include your Weekly Disability Benefits in your gross income and pay federal income tax on them. If you have a question about including weekly benefits in your gross income or about exclusions in the law, check with a competent tax advisor or counsel. Your weekly benefits are also subject to Social Security Taxes (FICA). In accordance with federal law, the Fund will withhold your share of the FICA tax from each weekly benefit payment.