Bakery Drivers Local 734 - Health and Welfare Fund | Glossary
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Glossary of Terms

There are some terms that are used frequently in this section. In order for you to completely understand what this plan covers, it is important that you know the definitions the plan uses for these terms.

UNION – Bakery, Cracker, Pie, Yeast Drivers and Miscellaneous Workers Union, Local 734, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America.

EMPLOYER – Any business organization that has entered into a collective bargaining agreement or participation agreement with the Trustees requiring contributions to the Pension Fund on behalf of its eligible employees. Information as to whether any particular employer is participating in the plan is available from the Fund Office upon written request.

EMPLOYEE – You are an employee if you work for a contributing employer who is required to contribute to the Pension Fund on your behalf.

ELIGIBLE SPOUSE – The person to whom you were legally married throughout the 12-month period immediately preceding any benefit commencement date or date of death.

COVERED EMPLOYMENT – This is your period of employment during which your employer is obligated to make contributions into the fund on your behalf.

BENEFIT SERVICE – You are credited with benefit service based on the number of years (and partial years) during which you are working in covered employment. Benefit service, up to a maximum of 33 1/3 years, is used in determining your eligibility for plan benefits and your pension amount.

VESTING SERVICE – You are credited with vesting service based on the number of years during which you have been working in covered employment and, in certain situations, related employment. Vesting service is used in the determination of your vested status.

RETIREMENT – The period after you qualify for a pension under the plan and start to receive monthly pension payments is considered retirement. To be considered retired, there are certain types of employment that are prohibited.

NORMAL RETIREMENT DATE – This means age 65, or if later, your age on the date of your fifth year of continuous participation in the pension plan.

INITIAL PARTICIPATION – You first become an active participant in the plan on December 31 of the calendar year you began working in covered employment provided you are still working in covered employment on that December 31.

TERMINATION OF PARTICIPATION – Your active participation in the plan will end on December 31 of any calendar year in which you do not complete at least 11 weeks of covered employment. However, if you are eligible for any pension (including a deferred vested pension), you will always be considered a participant, even though your active participation has ended.

REINSTATEMENT OF PARTICIPATION – If you incur a break in service, you can reinstate your participation by satisfying the initial participation requirement.

SPECIAL PARTICIPATION PROVISIONS – Plan participants include non-collectively bargained individuals who are covered by the plan (for example, employees of the union or the Fund Office). The plan applies to this group in exactly the same way it applies to collectively bargained participants as required by federal law, and a limited number of plan definitions. These individuals are considered working in covered employment for the purposes of vesting and benefit service.